San Francisco Furnace Service – Cleaning Your Furnace System

san francisco furnace maintenance

It’s essential that homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area schedule regular maintenance to keep their furnace systems working efficiently, however when the budget is tight there are a few things you can do yourself to ensure your equipment stays in top-notch working order. These all have to do with cleaning various components; very important for clean indoor air and energy efficiency.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our San Francisco furnace service professionals recommend that you clean certain components of your furnace at least once per year, preferably twice. These parts include the blower, motor, and filtering system. A good cleaning can help you avoid costly repairs, or even having to replace your entire system. Here are our tips:

Blower. Switch off the power to your furnace before cleaning. The blower is located behind the panel where the filter is. Slide the blower or fan out; in some cases it may be necessary to remove wires, so pay particular attention so that reassembly will be easy. Once you slide the blower out, clean it using a soft brush with non abrasive soap and water. A vacuum is also effective for removing dust and debris on or around the blower.

Motor. The motor is located in the same area as the blower. Dirt and dust builds up on the chambers, but is easily removed using a small vacuum or brush.

Filtering system. After locating the access panel on the outside of your heating unit, remove the screws so that the panel can be removed. You will see the filter, which you will remove so that you can check for build up of dust/dirt or damage. If you have a filter which is replaceable and yours is damaged or dirty, replace it. Some filters can be cleaned with water after removing excess dirt and debris. Non-replaceable filters should be thoroughly cleaned. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

By performing a little spring cleaning on your furnace system, you can enjoy efficient operation for years to come.

Have questions regarding your furnace system? At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we’re always happy to help homeowners in the Bay Area with home comfort issues. Give us a call today!