San Francisco Duct Cleaning – Why It’s Important

san francisco duct cleaning

Many homeowners in San Mateo, San Francisco, and other surrounding areas really aren’t aware of the importance and function of ductwork in their HVAC systems. For the most part, it’s something you ignore. Your home feels comfortable, so why worry? The fact is, ducts are the tubes that deliver and circulate conditioned (cold or warm air) through your home, depending on whether it’s the summer or winter season. The ductwork in your home may be responsible if you’re experiencing more dust than usual in your home, hot or cold spots, or even very little or no air coming through the vents/registers.

Poor indoor air quality doesn’t necessarily mean your ducts are leaking or damaged. Like everything else, the ductwork can build up dust, dirt, insects, mold, and other debris or contaminants over time. Because this is the component of your heat & air system that delivers comfortable air, you may experience more dust or poor indoor air quality. Having your ducts cleaned when there is no damage present will clean the air in your Bay Area home, making for cleaner, fresher air.

Ductwork maintenance isn’t unusual. Ducts can develop leaks or even become disconnected at joints. What does this mean? Not only is conditioned air going into spaces such as underneath your home or in the attic; dust, contaminants, or even rodents could gain access to your ductwork, meaning contaminated air. If you suspect problems, contact our San Francisco HVAC professionals right away.

Have a room that never seems to get cool or warm enough? Disconnected or crushed ducts could be to blame. When ducts aren’t properly connected, the money you spend on energy costs each month is going right out into the basement, crawlspace, or attic – not the areas you want to heat or cool!

Leaky ductwork can cost you a fortune. If your ductwork is leaking air through disconnected joints, splits, cracks, etc., you are likely spending much more than necessary on cooling and heating your home! In fact, a quarter of what you’re spending on energy costs could be attributed to leaky ducts. Any time you suspect a problem, have your HVAC technician check out the ductwork to see if there is an issue.

Are your ducts insulated? Exposed portions of ducts that are insulated or wrapped are far more energy efficient than those that aren’t insulated.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we realize most homeowners often neglect duct maintenance and cleaning. Ducts are out of sight, and something you rarely think about until you have a problem. For maintenance, sealing, or duct cleaning, count on our San Francisco duct cleaning professionals to keep your home comfortable while helping improve indoor air quality and save you money!