San Francisco Duct Cleaning – Is it Time For A Duct Cleaning?

san francisco duct cleaning

As a Bay Area homeowner, you may have never heard of duct cleaning, or known that it is a process you should consider. Indoor air pollution is a fact; unfortunately, the air inside your home is more polluted than outdoor air. This is particularly true given the fact that newer homes are becoming more and more “airtight,” which means less ventilation.

In your HVAC system, the ducts deliver conditioned (heated or cooled) air to the rooms of your home. They also take away circulated air. As a San Francisco or Hayward homeowner, you’ve likely heard terms such as return air, exhaust air, etc. The registers in your home provide comfortable air to your indoor living spaces, but have you thought about the dust, dirt, mold, and other contaminants that may be building up or collecting in your ducts? They can actually become quite nasty, and unfortunately, this dust, dander, and other debris will make its way into your home. This means your family is breathing air that is unhealthy!

If you have never had the ducts cleaned in your Bay Area home or it has been a while, it’s probably time to have a professional contractor come take a look to see what shape your ducts are in. Cleaning the ducts helps reduce dust, pollen, and other bacteria and allergens that can not only increase dust build-up in your home, but also aggravate asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Your system will run more efficiently, and your family will enjoy fresher, cleaner air.

Dirty, dusty HVAC components account for approximately 90% of air conditioning and heating system failures. If you live in the San Francisco area and it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned, count on Ortiz Duct Cleaning, your San Francisco duct cleaning experts, to help keep your home and the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.