Replacing Just An Air Conditioning System Outdoor Unit

air conditioning system

When your AC system is getting on up there in years, you may wonder whether it’s best to have an entirely new system installed in your home, or to replace one component, such as the outdoor unit. Naturally, you want to save as much money as possible while enjoying comfort; however, in most cases replacing one (or a few) components will actually cost you more in the long run.

As trusted San Francisco HVAC professionals, we understand that most homeowners don’t understand that air conditioning systems are designed in a way that they function particularly well with specific compatible components. Essentially, the newer components designed today are not meant to function well with old components. “Mixing up” the components of your cooling system can result in not only reduced energy efficiency, but also issues with proper operation of your system.

The importance of compatibility

So, you think you want to replace the worn-out outdoor unit. Why is this a bad idea?

  • First, older components were not designed to achieve the high energy efficiency today’s components are capable of achieving
  • When you combine old coils with today’s more efficient coils, it can result in an increase in energy consumption and even worse – motor failure
  • An old compressor may break down due to the fact that today’s air conditioning units include thermal expansion valves that use a shut-off system which make enhanced control of refrigerant possible, thereby limiting how much refrigerant makes its way to the compressor
  • The design of today’s coils make them physically incompatible with older coils

There are several substantial issues that may arise by combining a new outdoor unit with older A/C components, including substantially reduced operational efficiency, minimized cooling capacity, and a dramatically increased risk that the compressor will break down in a short time period – usually within a year.

Before you make the decision to replace the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system rather than replacing the entire system, consult with a reputable and trusted San Francisco HVAC contractor who is highly knowledgeable regarding the negative impact this could have on system performance and efficiency. Call Ortiz Heating & A/C today for more information, and answers to all of your home comfort questions.