Remodeling A Bay Area Home? Consider Your HVAC System

hvac system

What does remodeling or adding a room onto your Bay Area home have to do with your HVAC system? Plenty. During a home remodel or renovation, all kinds of dust and debris can float through the air, potentially damaging your heating/cooling equipment. Think about your HVAC equipment before you let the sawdust fly, and consider the following.

Switch your system off. Considering the mild temperatures we typically experience in the San Francisco area, it isn’t too difficult to do without air conditioning or heat for the duration of your project. By turning off your heat & air system, you can avoid much of the dust, dirt, and debris that could potentially make its way into the duct system, because you won’t have the additional air circulation provided by an air conditioner or heater that’s running.

Close the registers and vents. By closing up all of the sources that deliver conditioned air into your home, you can prevent the pulling in of dust. Keep in mind however that if you must run your HVAC system, leave a few registers or vents open.

Try to keep it tidy. It’s hard to keep things clean when you’re having a room remodeled or a new section added on to your home, but do your best. Sweep and vacuum regularly throughout the project to cut down on the dust that can not only enter your system, but cause problems for those who suffer with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

Consider a split system. When you add a room or section onto your home, your current HVAC system probably isn’t adequate for cooling/heating those areas. A ductless heat pump, also referred to as a split system, is capable of providing conditioned air to new spaces without the need for additional duct work.

The bottom line is that when remodeling or adding on to your Bay Area home, your HVAC system should be considered. You want to minimize the risk of your duct work and registers collecting dust, dirt, and other debris that may be circulated through your home when you turn on the heat or air, while protecting indoor air quality to the greatest extent possible. For more information on split systems and ductless heat pumps, contact the heat & air experts at Ortiz Heating & A/C today.