Ortiz Heating & AC – Pros &Cons Of Heat Pump Vs. Central Heating System


If you are building a brand new home, or just upgrading the heating and air conditioning system you currently have, there are a lot of alternatives on the table for you. Central heating and air conditioning are one option, but you can also find individual air conditioning units, transportable heaters, or heat pumps. The majority of people want a system that provides temperature control in all of their rooms, which makes central HVAC systems and heat pumps the most viable options. But what is the better choice?

The best answer to that question is that there’s no real answer. The choice between central heating and air conditioning systems and heat pumps depends upon several things, and there’s no one right choice for everybody. Listed below are some pros and cons of each type of system. You’ll want to consider these prior to making your final decision about what system to get.

First of all, the most appealing thing about heat pumps, for a lot of people, is the cost. Heat pumps provide heating and air conditioning originating from one unit, which means you only pay for for a single unit up front and you only have to maintain one unit over the lifetime of its use, so the total operating expenses are lower. In addition, heat pumps cost less to run on a regular basis. Heat pumps work with exterior heat found in the outside air, so there isn’t any artificial heating or cooling of the air, which is typical of central heating systems. Your utility bills are going to be lower, and the environmental impact will be reduced.

There are a few disadvantages with heat pumps, however. They aren’t for those who are living in locations with extreme temperatures. Most professionals advise that people who live in conditions with temperatures that commonly drop below 40 degrees in the winter months or go over 85 degrees in the summertime wouldn’t be good candidates for heat pumps. Since the heat pump is only able to work by extracting heat from the outside air in the winter months and drawing it out of your house during the summertime, it doesn’t have the capacity to create the ideal indoor climate. Luckily, as an HVAC company in San Francisco, we can tell you for a fact that this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to us. Most of the year, we enjoy moderate climates, thus making us fully capable of taking advantage of heat pump systems.

If you are living somewhere with extreme temperatures, then a central heating and air conditioning system is the best solution for you. It will effectively keep pace with the extreme temperatures and will keep you more comfortable.

The disadvantage to central systems is that they can be more expensive. You will need an independent heating and air conditioning unit, which suggests a greater cost initially and higher HVAC maintenance cost throughout the lifetime of the system. Since central HVAC systems artificially heat and cool the air, they can be more costly to operate on a regular basis.

You need to assess your individual needs prior to making a decision. Contact your local HVAC company in San Francisco, Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, for more information to determine which HVAC system would be best for your home.

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