Programmable Thermostats Slash Energy Costs For Bay Area Homeowners

As trusted HVAC experts in the East Bay area, we know homeowners want to save on heating and cooling costs. Programmable thermostats are a smart choice; after all, why heat or cool your home while your family is away at work, school or on vacation? You may decide to turn your HVAC system off while you’re away, thinking you will save money. However, when you return home and switch your unit on, it may run for hours in an effort to reach the desired temperature. This is defeating your purpose!

A programmable thermostat allows you to “pre-program” what the temperatures in your home will be at various times of the day. For instance, you can have the temperature remain at 60 degrees while you’re away at work and program it so that it comes on 30 minutes before you expect to arrive home, welcoming you with nice warm air.

Our East Bay area HVAC contractors offer the following tips for enjoying the biggest energy savings with your programmable thermostat:

  1. Install your thermostat in an area where external factors will not affect it or cause false readings. For instance, don’t install it where the sun will shine on it throughout the day, or where there are drafts or breezes.
  2. Be sure to set your thermostat when leaving for vacation. You can set it to a lower temperature for the duration of the time while you’re away, then have it come on just before you arrive back in town, so that your home will be comfortable for your family.
  3. Dial down the temperature at night while your family sleeps. Most people are comfortable sleeping in cooler temperatures, so dial down the temperature a few degrees at night, and program the thermostat so it will reach your desired temperature about 15 minutes before it’s time to rise.

For every degree you set your thermostat back, you save approximately 1% on your energy bill according to the EPA. You can see how dialing the temperature back about 10 degrees while you’re away from home will result in substantial savings!

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