Make Your San Mateo Home More Energy Efficient

energy audit

Unfortunately, the majority of homes in San Mateo, Hayward, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area are not as energy efficient as they could be. This results not only in higher energy costs, but a home that isn’t as comfortable as it could be. Essentially, when you cannot keep your heating costs down in winter months and you’re not sure what the problem is, energy dollars are floating right out the window. Should you have an energy audit performed? Absolutely. Here’s why.

It’s not possible to correct issues with your heating system when you don’t know what the problem is to begin with. No matter what type of home you have, there are several possibilities when it comes to where heat loss may be occurring. While it is possible to detect where some of this loss may be yourself, an energy audit performed by a trusted professional Bay Area heating and cooling company is the only way to identify all of the sources of heat loss.

What can you expect when you have an energy audit performed on your home?

Basically, everything that could possibly affect energy usage will be checked out. HVAC professionals will inspect the attic for sufficient insulation, take a close look at windows and doors to determine if there are air leaks, even inspect your heating system and make any necessary repairs, or suggest installation of a new system if yours is on its last legs, or has a major problem.

After inspecting all possible sources of heat loss, energy auditors will provide you with a quote for the estimated costs to remedy the problem, however you are never obligated to use their services.

Once the energy audit is complete, you can determine which issues you want to address. Certain changes may make a substantial difference in energy costs, such as having extra installation installed in the attic, weatherproofing windows and doors, or having a more energy efficient heating system that is properly sized for your home installed.

Even making a few changes will result in less heat escaping your home, thereby making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. While you may feel that you cannot afford to make the changes necessary to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, over the long run you will see that you actually save money by making these improvements. It’s simply a good investment in your home that will, over time, save you substantially on heating costs.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our San Francisco Bay Area heating and cooling professionals know many homeowners dread the winter months, simply because they will pay what seems like astronomical costs to keep their homes comfortable during the winter season. Having an energy audit performed is smart, and acting on what you learn from the audit is even smarter. Give us a call today, and put your San Mateo home in capable hands.