Legionnaires’ Disease & HVAC Systems in the Bay Area

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Most people have no idea what Legionnaires’ disease is, or how the HVAC system in a building can impact your health. Recently, more than 100 people in New York were infected with this disease due to a cooling tower that was infected. When the issue occurred, there was “nothing to worry about” according to city health authorities who claimed the building was disinfected. As a trusted San Francisco Bay Area heating & cooling service provider, we believe you should know about this disease, and how it could potentially be connected to your HVAC system.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease? The bacteria Legionella pneumophila is responsible for the disease, which is most common in humid, moist areas including humid closed HVAC systems, which provide the ideal breeding environment. Essentially, when your heat/air kicks on, the bacteria or contaminated droplets can be spread through the ducts throughout the building, whether a home or business.

Legionnaires’ disease can actually be prevented. Because municipal water supplies are typically chlorinated, the bacteria rarely causes infection in residential structures. However, commercial HVAC systems found in many businesses may be susceptible to the bacteria, largely because these systems are larger and often poorly maintained or improperly designed. When temperatures range between 20 and 60 degrees C (68 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit), bacteria thrives. This is especially problematic in large commercial HVAC systems. The solution? Simply have your Bay Area heating & air conditioning contractor clean the system at a minimum of twice each year. By having regular maintenance performed along with hazard analyses, you can breathe easy without worry of contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

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