Is Your Bay Area HVAC Repair Technician NATE Certified?

As a home or business owner in the Bay Area, you may or may not be familiar with NATE or what it means to have an HVAC repair technician who is NATE certified perform repairs to your heating/cooling system. What is NATE, and why should you be concerned? Here is some information you’re sure to find interesting, particularly if it seems you spend a substantial amount of money on repair bills.

What is NATE? Short for North American Technician Excellence, this certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians is the nation’s largest non-profit, owned, operated and governed by the HVAC/R industry. Technicians who have been certified are experts in the industry, and have completed rigorous tests that essentially validate their intense knowledge.

Consumers are becoming more aware of this organization according to a feature aired on the Today show in July of this year. In this segment, Jeff Rossen of NBC’s “Rossen Reports” assessed several heat/air companies in the New Jersey area, after having hidden cameras installed at a residence where the companies were to come assess the problem. What happened? A single wire was broken on the otherwise fully functional AC system, a simple repair. However, all six companies who came in to inspect the unit tried to charge the homeowner for repairs which were not necessary.

After the segment, homeowners were urged to make sure the HVAC technicians they chose to perform repairs were NATE certified. Essentially, trust and honesty issues are the background of why NATE exists.

Other benefits of having a NATE certified technician perform your Bay Area HVAC repairs include:

  • Fewer callbacks
  • Lower energy costs due to expert installation and maintenance
  • Fast, efficient service
  • Heat/cooling equipment that performs at peak efficiency
  • Support and knowledge of skilled technician
  • Greater peace of mind knowing you won’t be charged for unnecessary repairs

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