HVAC Tips – Keep Cooling Costs Lower During Summer Months

hvac tips

Summer is officially here, and temperatures will get warmer as the season progresses. Many Bay Area and San Francisco Peninsula homeowners want to keep cooling costs as low as possible without sacrificing comfort. While one of the best things you can do to keep costs for service down is to have a cooling technician perform regular maintenance, there are a few HVAC tips you can use to ensure costs are as low as possible.

First, consider a digital thermostat. When compared to traditional thermostats, digital varieties are much easier to set and allow you to program the temperature you desire at various times of the day. Programmable thermostats are ideal for families who aren’t home during the daytime hours, who often go on vacation, etc. – and they won’t overwork your HVAC system like the old-fashioned thermostats do.

Be sure to change or clean the filter often. While we’ve said this countless times, the importance of a clean filter cannot be stressed enough. Depending on the type of A/C filter you have, change or clean every two to three months. A dirty filter results in your system having to work harder to cool your home, which results in increased energy costs. It also affects indoor air quality.

Clear the clutter from your attic. If you have an attic, it may be where you store unused items. The attic should be sufficiently ventilated so that air can circulate, so clear out needless clutter to increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

Have a high-efficiency, low maintenance system installed. HVAC systems from 20 years ago are far less efficient than today’s systems, and require frequent repairs/maintenance. By getting rid of an “old-fashioned” system and upgrading to today’s more technologically advanced systems, you will enjoy a more comfortable home and fewer costs associated with maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Be sure the refrigerant is at the right level. An air conditioner that’s low on Freon often blows warm air out into your home, and may be caused by a leak in your system. This should be addressed by your Bay Area HVAC technician quickly, since you may face higher energy costs and an uncomfortable home, and the refrigerants contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous for wildlife and humans.

Make certain your HVAC system is installed by a professional. When an air conditioning/heating system isn’t set up properly, it will result in wasted energy. Expert installation and a system that is the right size for your home are critical to its performance and how much you spend on cooling/heating costs!

As you can see from the tips above, there are things you can do yourself to ensure your HVAC system performs efficiently. In addition, be sure to have your system checked once or twice each year so that any repairs you cannot take care of on your own can be made. Have questions about energy savings? At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we cater to San Francisco Peninsula area homeowners, providing unsurpassed products, installation, and service. Give us call today!