HVAC Tips – Ceiling Fans Enhance Comfort

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If you live in the East Bay, San Mateo, or other cities surrounding San Francisco, no doubt you’ve wondered at times whether you even need heating and air conditioning. Weather conditions are changing with global warming, however you may be comfortable using only ceiling fans in your home during the summer and winter seasons. How do they help, and which direction should they rotate in to provide the most comfort? Our Bay Area HVAC professionals have the answers you’re looking for.

Since the winter season is closing in, we’ll talk about that first. Which direction should your ceiling fan rotate in when temperatures dip, so your family can stay warm? In a clockwise direction. When the ceiling fan moves in a clockwise direction, it pulls warm air that hovers near the ceiling in a downward direction, because of the updraft effect this direction causes. Additionally, you’ll want to adjust your fan so that it’s on the slowest setting, for comfort and the most energy/cost savings.

During summer months, your ceiling fan works the exact opposite. You’ll want to set it so that it rotates in a counter-clockwise direction to create a breeze that is cooling to the skin, and turn the speed up to high. During warmer weather you want the air to circulate at the fastest speed possible. While the fan doesn’t actually change the temperature in the room, air circulation takes away the muggy, sticky feel and will actually help you save on cooling costs if you do have an HVAC system.

Even when you do have a heating and cooling system installed in your Bay Area home, ceiling fans can help substantially with energy efficiency and comfort. Northern California typically experiences mild temperatures during winter months, so it’s often possible to save and increase comfort by simply using the ceiling fans in rooms your family occupies. The same is true in summer months on days when temperatures are mild and humidity levels low. It’s also important to note that using ceiling fans allows you to adjust the temperature on the thermostat up or down two or three degrees depending on the season, saving on energy consumption and costs.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our Bay Area HVAC contractors want to help you stay comfortable in your home, while paying less on energy costs. Contact us today for HVAC tips, repair, installation, and maintenance!