HVAC Problems That Can Disrupt Energy Efficiency In Your Home

hvac problems

Energy efficiency is more important than ever for homeowners in San Jose, Hayward, and surrounding cities in the Bay Area. Homeowners not only want to save on heating and cooling costs, but reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment for future generations. Did you know there are certain HVAC problems that impact energy efficiency? Here are some of the most common.

Components that are worn out. As with any other equipment, the components of your HVAC system experience wear and tear over time. Depending on conditions, some wear out more quickly than others. While your heating and cooling system will attempt to work as it normally does, the damage to components puts a strain on your HVAC system and makes it work harder, resulting in reduced energy efficiency. By scheduling maintenance on a regular basis, these small issues can be diagnosed before they become more costly and energy-wasting problems.

Short cycling. This is a fairly common problem, although many homeowners don’t really notice it. When your HVAC system isn’t the proper size for your home it may shut on and off too often, with most of the runtime spent in the startup phase. This uses the most energy, and can compromise your comfort by leaving your home more humid than it would be with the rightsized heating/cooling system. A system that’s too large could potentially shorten your equipment’s lifespan due to the increased strain of heating or cooling your home too quickly, resulting in short cycling.

Humidity. You know the sticky, uncomfortable feeling of excess humidity on your skin, but did you know the right moisture level in your home is also important? When humidity levels are high, it’s more difficult to cool your home. When moisture levels are lower than normal, achieving a home that’s warm and cozy in fall and winter months can be difficult. Thankfully there are solutions that work to increase your comfort level, while helping take the strain off of your HVAC system.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we highly recommend having your HVAC system checked to ensure it’s operating as energy efficiently as possible! Save money, enjoy superior comfort, and know you’re doing your part to help the environment. Contact us today for all of your Bay Area HVAC service and installation needs.