HVAC Maintenance: Tasks Your Technician Should Be Performing

Without proper HVAC maintenance, you could end up facing air conditioner repair in your home – or even replacement. Either way, failing to maintain an HVAC system can cost you substantially. Does your technician do a thorough job when performing scheduled maintenance? Chances are, you really don’t know what all he/she does while checking out your system. At Ortiz Heating & AC, we’re the experts when it comes to air conditioner repair and installation, but we also want you to know how to keep your system running properly and efficiently for as long as possible.

If you aren’t aware of what should be taking place during a HVAC maintenance visit, here are a few tips:

  • Inspection of all wiring, connections and electrical controls. Your technician should check for damage, wear and soundness of all of these components.
  • System test. A general system test should be conducted, which involves checking all operating functions such as the shut-off control, starting cycle, listening for strange noises, measuring system pressure, etc.
  • Thorough duct work inspection. It is essential that your HVAC maintenance technician check your ducts for leaks, holes or areas where seams may not be properly joined. When your duct work is leaking, it can lead to inefficiency and poor indoor air quality.
  • Checkpoints. The compressor, refrigerant tubing, outdoor fan motor, indoor blower assembly and blades should all be checked to ensure these components are working properly.
  • Inspect condensate drains, drain pans and refrigerant level. Not having the right amount of refrigerant in your system can reduce the life of your heating/cooling system, as it makes the compressor work harder.
  • Indoor evaporator units and outdoor condenser coils should be cleaned. If not cleaned during maintenance visits, dirt and debris build up on coils and refrigerant lines, which means added stress on your system’s mechanical parts.

How often should your system be inspected? At least once each year. If your system both cools and heats your home, consider HVAC maintenance in the spring prior to the cooling season, and in fall before winter sets in. Systems that perform only one function (heating or cooling) should be maintained before the season in which you will use your system.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of regular HVAC maintenance for keeping your system running at its most efficient, and saving you money. Avoid air conditioner repair by having your technician perform a “check up” regularly.

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