San Francisco Bay Area HVAC Experts Debunk Home Energy Myths

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Lots of homeowners in San Mateo, Hayward, and throughout the SF Bay Area think they know a lot about energy efficiency and saving on heating and cooling bills, but how much do you really know? There are lots of myths and old wives’ tales many people still believe today. Below we’ve debunked a few of these myths!

Sufficient fiberglass insulation will keep cold air out. It’s certainly important to have good insulation, but if you have air leaks around windows and doors or anywhere else – the cold air will infiltrate your home. Insulation’s good for holding heat in, but you need to block any leaks where air is coming in using caulk, weather stripping, foam insulation, etc.

You can heat your home up quickly by setting the thermostat high. False! Heat is delivered at a consistent rate, so there’s no need to set the thermostat up to 80 degrees if your desired temperature is 70. By setting the thermostat to 70, it will get to that point just as quickly without consuming more energy. The same is true of your air conditioner during warm summer months.

Leaving the ceiling fan running will keep your rooms cool while you’re out. Absolutely false. Ceiling fans do not cool the air, they circulate it. Therefore, when you’re in a room the air will feel cooler on your skin because it’s moving around. When no one is in the room, it’s simply wasted energy. If you’re at home, but in another room, or away from home, turn the ceiling fans off!

Air ducts can be properly sealed using duct tape. While duct tape is almost magical considering its many uses, sealing ducts with it isn’t the best idea. Mastic tape is designed for use on ducts, and insulates and adheres better. Duct tape doesn’t usually stick well to surfaces that are dusty and dirty, which ducts usually are.

An energy efficient home isn’t necessarily more appealing to potential homebuyers. Not only are buyers interested in saving on energy costs, you can actually get more money for your home if you decide to sell! In fact, more than half of homebuyers are willing to pay thousands more for a home if they can save about $1,000 per year on energy costs according to a 2008 National Association of Home Builders study!

There are lots of myths that, unfortunately, many homeowners believe are true. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our San Francisco HVAC experts are all about helping your save on energy costs while enjoying a comfortable home! Give us a call today.