HVAC Duct Leakage – What’s The Impact For Peninsula Homeowners?

hvac duct leakage

Homeowners in the Peninsula or East Bay Area often fail to realize the critical role ductwork plays in heating or cooling their homes. In fact, the ductwork is one of the most vital components of your HVAC system, delivering conditioned, comfortable air into your indoor spaces.

Maybe you’re thinking about having your heating and cooling equipment checked out to ensure everything’s in good working order before summer arrives – but have you thought about having the ducts inspected for leaks? When the ducts are not fully intact you lose comfort and you lose money, since your system won’t be able to keep up with heating or cooling demands, considering the air escaping through ductwork leaks!

What happens when you have HVAC duct leakage?

Not only will you notice less efficient performance and uncomfortable spaces, but noticeably higher energy or utility costs. Often referred to as the “thief” in HVAC systems, leaking ducts can account for approximately 25% of total home energy loss, according to studies. Essentially, when the ductwork leaks, your cool or heated air is going into those spaces where it’s useless, such as the crawl space under your home, in the attic or roof/ceiling area, or other areas where ducts are located.

Even worse, leaking ducts not only allow conditioned air to escape into areas where it’s not needed, they also make it possible for outside air to infiltrate your home. This can mean increased humidity during summer months, or the drawing of cold air into your home in winter months. As you can imagine, dust, allergens, and other pollutants can also make their way into your home via ductwork leaks.

To ensure your ductwork is intact and working properly, it is recommended you have it inspected and tested by an HVAC professional who can assess the situation and make any necessary repairs. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, your comfort and keeping energy costs down is our business! Contact us today for all of your Peninsula HVAC needs.