HVAC Company San Francisco | Huge Benefits in Heating Your Home with Gas


For San Francisco homeowners who are now heating their house using separate heating elements, like portable gas units, fan heaters that run on electricity, and electric radiators which burn oil, you’re likely to be spending too much on your gas and electric bills. Modern day central heating systems that use gas have become extremely fuel-efficient and provide a dependable way of heating up the whole house for considerably less than what you would pay using individual heating units.

It may seem expensive on the front end to install a new gas heating system; however, with a little research you could meet with your local San Francisco gas and electric company or city representative to find out if you may indeed be eligible to receive a grant which will offset the cost of the system – sometimes up to 100% of the total cost. Even if you’re not qualified for an energy grant, you could still find some very nice deals available to homeowners as a number of San Francisco HVAC companies are willing to offer you an interest free payment plan allowing you to more comfortably manage your budget for the project. You should begin to see a reduction in your heating bill once the system is installed. If you had been previously using electric heat, you should see a dramatic difference in your heating bill.

Having more control over a central heating system that operates on gas is one tremendous advantage. You are able to manually set the system to produce home heating to your ideal temperature. For example, you could program the system at various times during the day using the thermostat to activate the system in case the temperatures fall below a particular point. You often find that heat output is much more difficult to control when using individual heating units. These kinds of units oftentimes tend to overheat an area too quickly, creating a less than comfortable level of warmth that you simply end up switching on and off throughout the day. A central heating system supplies a far more controlled degree of home heating because the warm air is distributed evenly throughout the house.

Central heating systems can be extremely quiet to operate and you should hear very little noise even though it’s in running mode and producing maximum heat. Individual units, and in particular, fan heaters are often quite noisy and can be especially disruptive during the night.

If you are considering installing a new central heating system for the first time, then consult with a reputable San Francisco heating installer. Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, are considered HVAC specialists in San Francisco. Ask them to explain the many features of the systems offered so that you can make an informed decision. Be sure to ask about payment methods so that you can work out a deal that fits your budget.