HVAC Bay Area – Air Conditioning Can Help Manage Your Asthma

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are areas where it gets too hot to be without air conditioning. Not only does air conditioning help you feel more comfortable, but it also assists with your breathing. This is of particular importance to people who suffer from asthma.

Asthma is often brought about by mold, pollen, and animal dander. For most people, inhaling these types of airborne debris is unavoidable, but air conditioners include filters that keep our intake of particles to a minimum. Air conditioning can also help get rid of humidity. Humidity helps mold and algae grow quickly as opposed to an environment that is dry.

The cycle of air conditioning keeps air circulating within your surroundings, and ultimately through your lungs. When the air isn’t 100% pure, and it contains heavy mold, pollen, and pet dander, then the odds are in favor of you or your loved one suffering from an asthma attack.

Preferably, you should have your air conditioning unit serviced at least once annually by a licensed San Francisco Bay Area HVAC expert. The contractor will inspect the all around condition of the system.

  • Their main concern will be to ensure that the unit continues to perform efficiently (every one of the mechanical elements should be functioning efficiently).
  • They should check to make certain your coolant is clean and full.
  • They will make sure the coils don’t have mold or algae growing on them. If mold is present, they will clean or replace the coils.
  • They will examine the blower to make sure it’s not corroded with dirt or any other debris. The wheels are simple to clean if the damage is minimal.
  • They will change out your filter.
  • They will clear mold and algae from the drain line.

If dirt remains too long inside any area of your system, the mechanized lifetime of the system could significantly be affected. Regardless of whether you have a new air conditioning system or an older one, it is more than likely time for you to contact an HVAC expert to perform a tune-up. Ask them questions and find out how you can maintain the simpler points of the HVAC system. At that point, you can get yourself in the habit of swapping out filters and clearing drain lines.

Becoming involved in the upkeep of your air conditioner can save you from encountering a major asthma attack. It’s good to know that your lungs are safe, breathing in quality air at home. To schedule an HVAC inspection or maintenance visit, contact your local HVAC company in San Francisco, Ortiz Heating & AC, at 650.758.4900.

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