Hayward HVAC Company Offer Information About Indoor Humidity Levels

As knowledgeable Hayward HVAC installation contractors, we know that humidity levels play an essential role in how comfortable the air inside your home feels. Humidity can also affect the quality of the air your family breathes! Whether the humidity level in your home is too low or too high, it can increase how much you pay in energy costs as well.

If you live in Hayward, San Francisco, or nearby areas, what is the “ideal” indoor humidity level?

Warm temperatures and indoor humidity

During seasons when outdoor temperatures are warmer, humidity levels also rise – which means the humidity inside your home increases as well. What difference does it make?

High humidity levels are what bacteria, fungus, mold and dust mites love – they thrive on it! This can potentially make your family members sick. Family members who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues may experience more symptoms. In addition, your home won’t feel as comfortable, making it tempting to drop the temperature on the thermostat a degree or two, which drives up energy costs.

Cold weather and indoor humidity

In cooler months, humidity levels outdoors are naturally lower. This can affect the air inside your home by making it too dry, which may result in dry, itchy skin and even cracks in your furniture or walls due to lack of moisture. Additionally, lower humidity levels make the air feel colder, so you’re likely to crank up the furnace – again, driving up energy costs.

So, what should the humidity level be in your Hayward home?

Ideally, indoor humidity levels should fall between 30% and 55%, so a humidity level of 40 to 45 is perfect. Your home will be its most comfortable, and your family will suffer fewer health issues related to air that’s too moist or too dry. Using a humidifier during winter months can help balance humidity; during the summer months, consider a dehumidifier.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our Hayward HVAC contractors are dedicated to helping customers enjoy a comfortable, healthy home while saving on energy costs. Contact us today with any questions you may have!