Home Ventilation Tips To Help Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long

ventilation tips

While San Francisco doesn’t typically have weather that’s super-hot as other areas experience during summer months, we do occasionally have uncomfortably warm temperatures. As trusted Bay Area HVAC professionals, we want to share a few tips to help you stay comfortable on those warmer days and perhaps even avoid running your air conditioner. Here are some home ventilation tips we think you’ll find useful.

Create a “wind chill” using fans. Have ceiling fans or box/pedestal fans? Use them – but only in the room you’re in. While fans don’t actually drop the temperature, they move the air around making it feel much cooler to the skin – in fact, you’ll feel as much as four degrees cooler on those “stuffy” afternoons.

Have a whole-house fan? Open up the windows to bring in cool air. Whole-house fans depressurize the air inside your home, supplying you with a cool breeze. When daytime temperatures are particularly warm, open up the windows during nighttime hours at the ground floor level while running your whole-house fan, then close the windows early in the morning and switch the fan off to keep the cool air where you want it – inside!

Open the windows. If it’s 78 inside your home and 70 outdoors, running the air conditioning is a total waste of energy – and money. Instead, open up the windows and let the cooler outside air flow through your home. Cross ventilation occurs when you open up windows that are located across from each other, such as those on the opposite sides of the house in the living room. Take advantage of Mother Nature on those nice days, and enjoy energy savings!

In many regions in the U.S., running the air conditioner is a necessity nearly every day in summer months. Thankfully, those in the Bay Area area can enjoy “free” air conditioning much of the season! For all of your air conditioning installation or repair needs, count on the skilled technicians at Ortiz Heating & A/C.