Heating System Tips For San Francisco Bay Area Homeowners

heating system tips

While temperatures in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area don’t typically drop too drastically during winter months, you never know what Mother Nature will bring about with climate change! Being comfortable is something we all take for granted, until something goes wrong. How many times do you think about your heating system when everything’s working fine? Probably not often, if ever. Maintenance is important for keeping your home comfortable and keeping heating costs down; we have a few heating system tips we hope you’ll keep in mind!

First and foremost, maintenance is key. Why wait until a problem arises to call in the experts? Regular maintenance will keep your heating system running efficiently while helping you avoid costly repairs – or, heaven forbid – even replacement. Clean or change your air filters each month, and keep in mind that your system, just like your vehicle, is comprised of many components that must be maintained.

What happens when your HVAC system is on its last leg? We all know it’s unavoidable; eventually all systems break down to the point where replacement is the only solution. However, keep in mind that central heating isn’t your only option, and that furnaces can be powered by not only electricity but oil, gas, and propane.

What other options do you have? Boilers, baseboard or radiant heating systems, even a fireplace, space heater, wood stove, or portable heater. While it’s never recommended you attempt to heat your entire home using space or portable heaters, they’re a good option in case of emergency.

Also keep in mind that any heating systems that operate using gas, oil, or propane require proper ventilation. When it comes to wood stoves, space heaters, or options that require gas, propane, or any type of fuel, be extra cautious!

Having issues with the heating system in your San Jose or Bay Area home? Whether it’s a simple repair or your equipment has seen better days, count on Ortiz Heating & A/C for all of your home comfort needs.