Is Heating Or Cooling Your Home Related To Pest Infestations?

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Most homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area don’t associate their HVAC systems with pest infestations, however the two can be related. While you may not be aware of it, there must be some level of exchange of the air inside and outside your home in order for your heating and cooling system to function at its most efficient. Unfortunately, this means there are circumstances in which unwanted pests can come right on in to your home, as many (including mice) only need a tiny space to make their way in. What can you do to enjoy a comfortable home, and keep pests or vermin to a minimum?

Have your ductwork inspected and sealed. As with other materials or equipment in your home, ducts wear over time and may develop gaps or leaks. Duct tape seems like a good quick fix, but it isn’t a repair that lasts very long. Not only do leaks or gaps in your ducts result in wasted energy and decreased comfort in your home, they’re also an easy way for mice, bugs, or other pests to make their way into your spaces.

Know the points of entry. Pests can easily gain access into your home through air vents, or in the smallest cracks or gaps around windows, doors, or even plumbing pipes. In order to determine any possible entrances that may be related to your HVAC system, it’s recommended you consult with a heating and cooling technician who can determine where drafts or openings exist. At this point, it may be necessary to use protective screens for air vents and put other measures in place to keep pests out.

Keep moisture under control as much as possible. If you have areas in your home where humidity or dampness is an issue, consider a dehumidifier. Like humans, pests, bugs, and rodents need water to survive – don’t make it easy for them! You’ll also want to ensure there aren’t any puddles or standing water in close proximity to your home, especially near the outdoor air conditioning condenser.

How can you know if pests have infiltrated your HVAC system? Have your heating or cooling equipment inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we know no homeowner wants to deal with mice, spiders, bedbugs, or other pests. Make sure your HVAC system isn’t contributing to an infestation by contacting our Bay Area heat and air experts today!