Heating in Hayward – How Do Heat Pumps Work?

heating in hayward

In Hayward and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, heat pumps are a good way to heat and cool during winter and summer months as we don’t typically have the extreme temperatures many other regions do. Many homeowners equate a heat pump with heat, because of the name. This type of system actually works to perform both heating and cooling functions, a great solution for those who desire comfort and energy efficiency. So, how do heat pumps work?

It’s a fairly basic and simple process, really. Heat pumps move heat from one location to another, using only a small amount of energy. In winter months, heat pumps pull heat from the ground or air to provide heat in an office or home environment. During winter months, it works in reverse.

With heat pumps, installation usually requires the installation of an air handler (indoors) and an outdoor unit much like those you see with central air conditioning systems. The refrigerant in the compressor absorbs and releases heat that travels between both units, transporting warm air from one location to another. Most people don’t realize that heat energy exists even in cold air; this heat energy is extracted from colder outdoor air and transferred to interior spaces during winter months. In summer, a heat pump simply removes heat from the indoor air, transferring it outside.

Because a heat pump does not generate heat but moves it instead, this is a highly energy efficient solution to your heating and cooling needs. Ideal for moderate climates, a heat pump is a popular choice among home and business owners in the Bay Area as you can avoid fuel consumption, and enjoy comfortable surroundings indoors while saving on energy use, thereby reducing costs.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, our goal is to provide home and business owners heating in Hayward and surrounding areas with energy efficient, quality products that increase comfort and save you money. Call us today to learn more about heat pumps, and discuss whether this may be the best solution to your heating and cooling needs.