Heating Services

Heaing Service

Let’s face it…the Bay area can be downright chilly at times. That’s why it makes sense to have your heating system serviced by Ortiz.

We understand the stress that can accompany the replacement of a heating appliance. If you believe your heating system is out of date and / or inefficient, contact one of our specialists to take a look at your installation. We’ll begin by working to adjust and clean your existing system for optimal performance. If your unit should need replacement, we’re experts at quickly (and cleanly) removing your old unit and installing an upgraded heating appliance.


Contact us today for your free estimate*:

San Francisco & Peninsula – 650.758.4900
East Bay Area – 510.445.1940
Contra Costa County – 925.373.0799
San Joaquin County – 209.462.2665
*Free Estimates are on replacement or additional HAC Equipment. There is a charge for a service call to your home or business.