Ortiz Heating & AC – Facts To Know Before Buying A Heat Pump


Heat pumps are the craze nowadays. From TV commercials to building contractors, heat pumps have truly received a lot more attention in recent times. A lot of folks swear by them and say they could never have a central heating and air conditioning system again. You may think that heat pumps will likely replace central systems entirely, and if you happen to be updating your climate control system, a heat pump is the only solution.

But is that actually the case? The very fact is that heat pumps aren’t for everybody. They are a great choice for some homes, but in the wrong circumstances, heat pumps can be a total waste of money. Here is what you need to know prior to deciding if you need to get a heat pump.

First, why do so many individuals like heat pump technology anyway? Price has a major impact. Central HVAC systems require an investment in two separate systems, but a heat pump heats and cools with the use of one unit. That means that the initial cost connected with a heat pump is less, and, over the lifetime of the system, HVAC maintenance expenses are less simply because there is less equipment.

Additionally, heat pumps are less expensive to use on a regular basis. Central HVAC systems artificially heat or cool air, after which it distributes the air throughout your house. Heat pumps use the warmth that already exists in the air. Even on very cold days, you can find heat in the air outside. Heat pumps remove that heat from the air and route it into your house. During the summertime, heat pumps remove the heat from the air inside your house and pump it outside, which helps lower the temperature within your home. Because there is no mechanical manipulation of air temperature, heat pumps call for considerably less electricity than central systems. This means you will have lower bills every month. This also makes heat pumps very popular with environmentalists.

Certainly, there are a few disadvantages with heat pumps that make them unsuitable for every home. If it gets abnormally cold – below 40 degrees regularly – in the winter or scorching in the summertime in your area, a heat pump simply is not up to the job. Your house won’t be comfortable. Luckily, in San Francisco, we have moderate temperatures year-round, and this shouldn’t be a huge concern. Heat pump systems are also not a viable option for big homes – a heat pump cannot keep pace.

Personal taste also prevents people from buying heat pumps. If you like to keep your home very warm or very cold, heat pumps aren’t for you. They only provide moderate temperatures.

The experts at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning can help you analyze your options to decide whether or not a heat pump is a viable option for your home. Call us at 650.758.4900 or email us at info@ortizheatingac.com to schedule a free consultation today!

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