Heat Is Off In My Bay Area Home, Why Is The Radiator Still Hot?

heat is off

Some homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area have radiators in their homes. A problem you may encounter is that although the heat is off, the radiator remains hot. Why is this, and what should you do about it? Our heating and cooling experts have a few suggestions.

There are different reasons your radiator may remain hot even after shutting off the heat, depending on the type of heating system you use.

Have an older heating system? It could be the check valve is malfunctioning. With an older heating system, once your home reaches the temperature you desire or you manually turn the heat off, the pump that draws water from the boiler to supply it to the radiator should cease running. A check valve prevents hot water from circulating to the radiator when the pump is off, however if a spring is broken or debris has collected around it, the check valve may fail. This will cause the radiator to remain hot even when the heat is turned off.

In modern systems using thermostats it could be an issue with the diverter valve. Newer heating systems have both hot water cylinder thermostats and room thermostats, and when both call for heat simultaneously, hot water must flow to the radiator and water tank. It’s at this time the diverter goes into “mid” position; however, if it gets blocked with debris or fails for another reason, hot water may go into the radiator circuit when it was meant for the hot water circuit. This causes the radiator to remain hot when the heat is shut off.

It sounds complicated, but our San Francisco HVAC professionals can assess the situation to determine if a faulty diverter valve or check valve is actually the problem. With the mild temperatures we often have in the Bay Area, a radiator that stays hot can leave you uncomfortable, raising up the windows and opening doors! For all of your heating or radiator issues, trust the professionals at Ortiz Heating & A/C for dependable, affordable solutions.