Hayward HVAC Tips – Not Sure How To Install Weatherstripping Properly?

Temperatures typically don’t drop to frigid levels in the Bay Area in winter months, but it can get chilly. Weatherstripping is essential for helping keep the heat inside your home, making your home more comfortable and saving you on energy costs. If you’re a Hayward or Contra Costa area homeowner in need of tips for installing weatherstripping, don’t fret. Using the tips below, you’ll become an expert in no time!

What type of weatherstripping should you choose? The least expensive and simplest to install is the pressure-sensitive foam with an adhesive back. In most cases, adhesive-backed foam will do its job for about two or three years, then you will need to replace it. The temperature should be 50 degrees or above when you install the weatherstripping for best performance.

Here are a few more details for properly installing weatherstripping in your Bay Area home:

  • Use only in areas where there will be no friction; for example, you would not want to use adhesive-backed product at the threshold of a door where the door would rub against it upon opening and closing.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface before applying.
  • Apply to the bottom on windows in which the sash opens in an upward direction.
  • Prior to removing backing tape, trim to size. Starting at one end, remove the backing as you go along pressing the adhesive side onto the frame of the window.
  • Apply weatherstripping to the sides of doors, beginning at the top and removing backing as you continue to work your way downward.
  • Product should be installed in the inside corner of the hinge-side door jamb where the door presses outward when closed.
  • Finally, size and install weatherstripping on the door stop side, trimming as necessary around hardware such as locks or deadbolts.

Weatherstripping is one of the cheapest things you can do to seal up cracks, gaps, and other areas where heated air may escape your home. As trusted Hayward HVAC professionals, we want to help homeowners enjoy a comfortable home while saving on heating costs. Contact us today with any questions you may have!