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We all know that Hayward can get pretty hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter. It’s the Bay Area! It’s in the heart of the Peninsula…what more can you expect? While we have several locations in the West Bay, we don’t want to forget about our loyal East Bay clients either! Did you know that we service the Hayward area?

Some companies will claim that they service a wide range of locations, and will boast that they’ll help you no matter what your location is in relation to their shop. What they may not tell you is that because your home is located further away than their traditional service area, you may have to pay an additional fee for them to come out that far or extra fees will be masked on your bill to make up for the difference in gas and time. We, at Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, truly believe that honesty comes first with our clients, and we want you to know that we won’t charge any hidden or additional fees for service a home in the Hayward area. If we say we don’t service an area…we simply can’t service it. It’s as simple as that!

We open up all of our service offerings to those in the East Bay. These services include Heating maintenance, repairs, and installation; air condition maintenance, repairs, and installation, and duct cleaning. We also offer a free estimate on any job that we’re called on. Transparency is the best policy.

Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning has a top-notch reputation in the Bar Area and we’re Diamond Certified as well. We have a 99% loyalty rate! These are things you can’t just buy and they don’t come easy. If you’re in the Hayward area and you have HVAC needs, let Ortiz Heating & AC show you the real meaning of “customer satisfaction”!