Hayward HVAC Installation – Low Cost Of Energy Star Products

When it comes time to upgrade or replace your heating/air conditioning system, don’t overlook the money you can save by having Energy Star qualified products installed in your home. As experts in HVAC installation and repair in Hayward and Bay Area homes, we realize the importance of having quality equipment installed – and the money it can save you in energy costs over the lifetime of the equipment. Sure, the up-front investment will be a bit more, but you can rest assured that the money saved over the lifetime of your HVAC system will more than make up for the initial investment.

The amount you pay for your HVAC equipment does not tell the whole story. In order to determine the true costs of operating your equipment, you need to look at operating costs as well. Most people have heard of Energy Star products and know they mean money savings, but that’s about as far as it goes. Energy Star products are guaranteed to consume at least 10% less energy than other equipment, and many consumers enjoy even bigger savings. On average, most heat/air conditioning systems last about 10 years. When you consider that you can reduce the costs of cooling and heating your home by at least 10% per year, you can see just how substantial those savings can be over the long term.

Sure, saving money is important – especially considering current economic conditions in the U.S. But did you know that by using Energy Star products for your Hayward HVAC installation you can do your part in conserving electricity, which helps protect the environment? An Energy Star heating and cooling system will also make your home worth more should you decide to sell.

There are many benefits in choosing Energy Star products for your home, including your air conditioning equipment. At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been providing Bay Area customers with exceptional products and services for more than a dozen years. Count on us to keep your home comfortable, and energy costs affordable.