Hayward HVAC – Improve the Ventilation in Your Home

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Proper ventilation in a home is essential for healthier indoor air, and to help prevent the growth of mold or mildew. While most Hayward/Bay Area homeowners want their home to be as “air tight” as possible, some ventilation is important. In addition, insufficient ventilation in the attic area can result in insect infestation, or damage to any items that may be stored in the space. If your home could use improved ventilation, call on the professionals at Ortiz Heating & A/C for outstanding service.

How can ventilation be improved? Here are a few suggestions.

Have attic fans installed. Mounted in the wall of the attic, an attic fan vents air inside the attic to the outdoors. Essentially, hot or humid air can be pulled out of the attic, important for preventing possible damage to the attic or other spaces in your home. Regular circulation of the air improves the air inside the attic, and in spaces below.

Install additional roof, soffit, and ridge vents. These vents are non-moving, and simply make it possible for air to move in and out of the attic. In most cases, ridge vents are installed at the highest point of the roof, while soffit vents are installed in the soffit area under the overhang of the home.

Consider a whole-house ventilation system. Commonly installed in the attic, whole-house ventilation systems improve the ventilation or air flow throughout your home using high-capacity ventilators that circulate air through the use of ducts and fans. Not only is comfort improved, air quality improves as well making the air healthier for your entire family.

Customers have relied on the Hayward HVAC pros at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning for years for top-notch products, service, and installation. Ready to learn more about proper ventilation, and the possible solutions for your unique needs? Give us a call today.