Hayward HVAC – What Is Heat Transfer? Importance Of Attic Insulation

heat transfer

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our Hayward HVAC professionals know that across America, “extreme” weather is taking a toll on homeowners, especially in terms of energy costs. From snowstorms in April and unusually icy/frigid conditions in the South this past winter to droughts and extreme high temperatures over much of the U.S. for the past few summers, one word sums up the weather: strange. Thankfully, there are some things homeowners can do to make their homes more comfortable, and save on energy costs.

One of these things is adding or upgrading attic insulation. The concept of heat transfer helps to understand why proper insulation is so important. Essentially, heat transfer occurs when temperatures soar outside; the sun’s heat can be transferred into your home, although not as intense as the heat outdoors, through uncovered windows, the attic, etc. We all know that heat rises; go into the upstairs area of a two-story home, and you will likely feel the difference. When temperatures climb into the 80’s and 90’s going into an attic that is not properly insulated can be dangerous!

In addition to making your home uncomfortable, heat transfer can mean climbing energy costs. Your air conditioning unit struggles to keep your home comfortable, while all the time the costs are going up, up, up. In winter months, an un-insulated attic can mean loss of heat, which means uncomfortable living spaces and higher energy costs.

Hayward and East Bay Area homeowners may want to consider adding insulation to their attic, or upgrading if you already have insulation but it may not be sufficient. Unfortunately, builders often “skimp” on insulation in the attic. When it’s only three or four inches thick, it doesn’t provide a high enough R-factor to keep your home insulated and comfortable. Today’s insulation materials are more efficient and durable as well.

Properly insulating your attic not only reduces heat transfer, it also radiates cool (or heated air, depending on the season) back into your home. This means increased comfort, lower energy costs, and a longer life for your HVAC system as it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in air conditioner installation and maintenance services for homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayward, and surrounding communities. We want to help improve your home comfort while helping your heating/cooling equipment work more efficiently and have a longer life span. Call us today for all of your home cooling needs!