Hayward HVAC – Heat Pump Terminology Homeowners Should Know

The terms used by Hayward HVAC technicians can be confusing; homeowners often have no clue what a plenum or reversing valve is, so it’s difficult to become engaged in the conversation. As expert Hayward heating installation and maintenance professionals, we have a list of terms that every homeowner should know when your contractor starts talking “heat pumps.” Since the winter season is almost upon us, we thought now would be a good time to give our readers a quick lesson on heat pump terminology!

Coils, refrigerant, compressor, condenser – these may be some terms you’re used to hearing, but here’s a little more information:

Compressor – the compressor rapidly “compresses” the refrigerant gas or coolant, which essentially elevates the coolant or refrigerant’s heat potential to a higher level.

Refrigerant is a substance that cycles through your heat pump, going through a process that transports, absorbs, and releases heat throughout your heating system in stages.

Coils may be singular loops or a series of metal tubes which are looped together in a heat pump for the purpose of transferring heat. In many cases coils may provide for more efficient heat exchange when they have additional fins which increase surface areas.

Condenser, or condensing coil makes it possible for the heat generated by the refrigerant to be released into the surrounding air.

Now for a couple of heat pump terms you may not be so familiar with:

Plenum – This is the compartment of air responsible for distributing conditioned (cooled or heated) air through the housing of your heat pump.

Reversing valve – The reversing valve is simply a valve which controls which direction the refrigerant flows in your heat pump. The reversing valve switches from one mode (cooling or heating) to another when appropriate.

Being more familiar with the terminology regarding heat pumps makes it possible for you to have an intelligent conversation with your Hayward HVAC contractor; it also comes in handy should there come a time you need to purchase a heat pump, or decide to perform simple maintenance tasks yourself.

Whether you have problems with your furnace or heater, need maintenance, are considering the purchase of a new system or just have questions, give the professionals at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning a call today! We’re your affordable home comfort connection.