Hayward HVAC Company: Thermal Expansion Valve – Comfort & Savings

If you’re a Hayward or Contra Costa homeowner considering a new high-efficiency air conditioner, there are certain features that can lower your energy bills and contribute to higher efficiency. Summer is almost over, but perhaps you are considering a new model for next summer if your A/C is an older model, or simply not as efficient as you would like.

Some of the features that make your air conditioner more efficient include a variable-speed air handler, check-filter light, fan-only switch, and thermal expansion valve. Of these, the thermal expansion valve is one of the most important. Why?

Determined by the current cooling load, the thermal expansion valve narrows and widens the refrigerant flow path. On days when temperatures are mild, less refrigerant circulates through your A/C system as the thermal expansion valve narrows. On warmer days, the valve widens to allow more refrigerant to flow over the evaporator coil; this essentially removes more warm air from the room. There are several benefits of a thermal expansion valve, including:

Compressor protection. Air conditioners that have a capillary tube or fixed orifice may experience trouble with the compressor, as the coil may be starved of refrigerant when cooling loads rise. When the cooling load is less such as on milder days, refrigerant may overflow – this could potentially damage your compressor, and cost you a substantial amount of money to repair.

Flexibility for your cooling needs. An air conditioner’s capacity should match its cooling load to perform its best, or at its given SEER rating. Because temperatures, humidity levels, and other conditions change throughout the day both indoors and out, these loads change frequently. The flexibility of the thermal expansion valve makes it possible for your A/C system to transform its capacity so that changing needs are met. Essentially, your home is at its most comfortable all day long.

Energy savings. Because your system performs more efficiently, you enjoy a comfortable home while saving on energy costs.

To learn more about high-efficiency air conditioning and how thermal expansion valves boost comfort, contact Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, your Hayward HVAC company, today. Our goal is to provide Hayward, Contra Costa, and Bay Area homeowners with the information you need to make a smart buying decision!