Hayward HVAC Annual Service – Control Energy Costs & Other Benefits

For many Bay Area homeowners, scheduling annual service for your HVAC system just hasn’t become a regular habit. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore their heating and cooling systems until a problem arises. If you do schedule annual service for your cooling/heating system, good for you. If you fall into the second category, it’s likely you will find you’re paying more for repairs and energy than those who are diligent about upkeep on their HVAC systems. Annual service boosts efficiency, helping avoid breakdowns and associated costs; it also increases home comfort, and ultimately helps you save on monthly energy costs.

What will your Hayward HVAC contractor do during an annual service call? Several things, which include tightening connections, cleaning all moving parts, and checking to ensure the proper refrigerant level. Your technician will also check for any issues that could potentially become a major (and costly) problem. Ultimately, your HVAC technician will perform all of the checks to ensure you system operates at maximum efficiency, which results in money savings.

Your annual service check should also include an inspection of your ductwork to ensure there are no leaks or loose connections. This is important, as proper airflow can be inhibited when ducts leak or are not properly connected – which means a home that isn’t comfortable, and higher energy costs.

Extend the life of your heating/cooling system, enjoy improved comfort, avoid costly repairs, and save money on energy costs – all by having an annual service check performed on your HVAC system!

Convinced of how essential it is to have an annual service check? At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we urge Hayward and Bay Area homeowners to make annual service a habit – you’ll be glad you did!