Green Building In Bay Area – Heating & Air Conditioning Savings

air conditioning savings

In recent years, green building has become a huge factor in new home construction. While many of us in San Francisco want to do our part to improve the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and live in a way that’s “cleaner,” green building is also about saving money and reducing energy consumption. How does this relate to heating and cooling your home?

Actually, one of the biggest benefits of building an eco-friendly home in San Mateo, Hayward, or anywhere else for that matter is the reduction in energy consumption and utility bills, and who doesn’t want to take advantage of heating and air conditioning savings? Many homeowners don’t realize it, but HVAC costs account for a large portion of the energy used in their homes. You think of lighting, appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc., but no other appliances or electronics in your home comes close to using the energy your heat and air conditioning system uses!

That said, how does green building impact energy consumption and how much you pay to heat and cool your Bay Area home?

Green homes are designed in a way that incorporates passive design elements and prevents the loss of conditioned air. From better insulation and energy saving appliances to windows and even how a home is situated on the property, many elements in green building can help save on heating and cooling costs.

Some green home builders use radiant barrier roofing, energy efficient windows, extra insulation, and other materials to make a home “tighter.” Depending on how the land you build your home on is situated, it may be possible to use sunlight or shade trees to your advantage. Also, the placement of windows can have a huge impact on how comfortable your home feels, as, for example, sunlight streaming through windows during winter months helps reduce heating costs.

There are countless elements in green home building that make a huge difference, even the HVAC equipment you choose. Today, it’s important for those who want to live comfortably while enjoying reduced energy bills to choose air conditioning systems with the Energy Star label. Many systems are highly energy efficient, capable of reducing humidity levels, improving indoor air quality, and even capable of being controlled remotely via programmable thermostats.

Building or buying a green home can save you a bundle on energy costs in addition to improving the health of your family, and reducing the negative impact on the environment for future generations. Most important of all, be sure to choose the most efficient HVAC system for your Bay Area home, and schedule an energy audit so you’ll know how well your home and system are performing.

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