Having Your Furnace Tuned Up? What You Can Expect


Having your furnace tuned up each year helps ensure it runs efficiently, and also reduces the chance it will break down at the worst possible time. As trusted Hayward heating and cooling professionals, we wanted to inform homeowners in the Bay Area of the importance of an annual furnace tune-up, and what is involved.

Every HVAC company is different in terms of what is included in a tune-up. However, there are certain services that should be provided by any heating/cooling contractor, regardless of the other services performed. When working with a company, be sure the package includes the following, in addition to any other services or maintenance.

Full inspection. An experienced technician will fully inspect your furnace, checking all components visually as well as doing a point review to ensure all of the components of the furnace and duct system are working properly. Excessive wear of any components will also be noted during this inspection.

Regulation of pilot and gas pressure. When necessary, your service technician will adjust the pilot or gas pressure so that they are regulated to original specifications.

Lubrication. Certain furnace components require lubrication in order to reduce friction between moving parts. This helps reduce wear and tear on your furnace, making it work more efficiently.

Replacement of filters. Regular changing of filters helps maintain efficient functioning. A thorough furnace tune-up will include replacement of the filter, which should be changed at a minimum every three months.

Written assessment. Professional heat and air contractors will provide customers with a written assessment of what they found during the inspection of the system. This assessment should also include any suggestions on how to maintain your furnace over the next year, which will help you determine steps you may want to take to reduce energy costs.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C, we know that replacing a furnace or heating system is costly, which is why regular tune-ups are so important. Need your furnace tuned up, or considering a new furnace? Call our Bay Area heating and cooling professionals today for the best products, service, and price.