Furnace Troubleshooting Tips For Contra Costa Homeowners

As trusted Contra Costa HVAC contractors, we know that when it comes to your furnace, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. While you hope nothing goes wrong on one of the coldest days of the season, it doesn’t hurt to be armed with easy furnace troubleshooting tips just in case! There are times when a homeowner can take care of the problem without calling in the professionals, saving you money. But keep in mind that if it seems a bigger task than you’re up to, you’re better off calling an experienced contractor.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if your furnace goes on the blink this winter:

Furnace comes on, but doesn’t stay on long

  • Listen to determine if the motor is running after the furnace fires. If it isn’t, call an HVAC contractor.
  • It could be a coating of dust is causing your unit to overheat. Your furnace needs air, but dirt or dust can prevent proper airflow. Your furnace will shut down if it overheats.
  • Check your furnace’s condensate reservoir. A reservoir full of water could indicate that the drain is blocked, or that the pump is malfunctioning.

Furnace won’t start

What’s the problem if you wake up one morning to a chilly home, and your furnace won’t come on? It could be a tripped circuit breaker, or the thermostat may not be switched to the “on” position. Also make sure that ‘heat’ is selected. Look to ensure that the furnace’s on/off switch is on.

Strange noises coming from your heater

Sometimes homeowners report odd noises including banging, bumping, clunking and grinding. What could it be?

  • Bumping or clunking noises may be caused by a cracked motor belt, so you will want to check it.
  • Chattering or grinding noises may be the result of electrical problems. Have a look at your electrical panel; if this is the problem, consult with your HVAC technician.
  • Hearing banging, huffing or puffing? Dirty burners may be to blame, as this can delay the ignition of your furnace. Inspect the burners to ensure they are free of dust, dirt and other build up.

Hopefully there isn’t a major problem with your furnace, but if you suspect it’s an issue bigger than you’re qualified to deal with, contact the pros at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning. Keep in mind that the best way to prevent small problems is through regular HVAC maintenance!