Is Your Furnace Malfunctioning? Before You Call HVAC Pros

furnace manlfunctioning

When temperatures drop to uncomfortable levels in the Bay Area, you count on your furnace to keep your home warm and cozy. Even though furnaces are designed to last for years, there are occasions when a furnace malfunctioning requires the expertise of a professional HVAC contractor. However, if your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly (or at all), there are a few quick checks you can make before calling in a heating professional.

Here are a few common “fixes” you can do yourself:

First, check the thermostat. You want to be sure it’s turned on, and set to heating mode. Many homeowners neglect the thermostat, but you should replace the batteries occasionally, make sure electrical contacts are in good shape, and blow out dust that may have accumulated in the interior.

Clear drain lines and change filters. While we’ve said it time and time again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have clean filters in your HVAC system. A dirty or clogged filter is more damaging to your furnace than you might imagine, as dust, dirt and other debris can affect its components. Clear the drain lines every two or three months – and change those filters!

Check the electrical breakers. Sometimes a breaker will trip due to a power surge, lightning, or other reason. Check to see if this is the case, and if so, reset the breakers and see if this takes care of the problem.

Check the ducts and exhaust flue. Whether due to excess dust or debris, or obstruction caused by furniture, toys, or other objects, it’s important that the exhaust flue and air vents where ducts come into your living spaces are clean and unobstructed. Take a look before picking up the phone.

While it doesn’t happen often, there are things that can go wrong with a heating system, just as with any other type of equipment. Regular maintenance is key to an efficiently operating furnace and extending its lifespan. Try the suggestions above if the furnace in your San Mateo home doesn’t function properly. If this doesn’t take care of the issue, give our Bay Area heating and cooling professionals a call for quick, dependable service you can count on.