Is Faulty Ductwork Design At Fault For Your HVAC System’s Inefficiency?

As a trusted provider of East Bay duct cleaning and air conditioning repair services, the professionals at Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning know the importance of proper ductwork design for maximum efficiency. You may have the best HVAC system available on the market, but if your ductwork design lacks, it will cost you – both in terms of comfort and energy usage.

While duct cleaning is essential to keeping your ducts free of dust, dirt and other debris that can irritate allergies and cause decreased efficiency of your system, the design is essential for optimum comfort and energy savings.

Here are a few tips you should you should discuss with your HVAC contractor to ensure your ductwork is properly designed.



  • Try to avoid placing ducts in hot or cold spaces, such as attics and crawl spaces. The outside surroundings affect how your ducts perform; locating them in extremely hot or frigid areas can result in thermal loss.
  • Supply air outlets should be placed a good distance from exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms so that conditioned air isn’t ‘sucked’ into exhaust fan ducts.
  • Don’t take shortcuts to save money. Some homeowners use voids between floor joists and wall studs in place of hard ductwork. This should be avoided.
  • Make sure all ducts are secure and sealed before insulating. It’s important that your ducts are air-tight, as this provides maximum airflow into your home, and drastically reduces the amount of dust, dirt and allergens that can enter. Secure duct joints mechanically, using a mastic or fiberglass sealant – never use duct tape, as it won’t hold up.
  • Large rooms with more than one supply duct are the best location for a dedicated return duct. If your home is a multi-level, consider a return duct for each level.
  • These tips will help ensure your ductwork is properly designed, optimizing efficiency, keeping the air in your home cleaner, and saving you money. Don’t forget to have your ducts cleaned as well, particularly if you are noticing excessive dust or that the air in your home doesn’t seem as comfortable as it should.

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