Fall Begins Sept. 22: Time To Consider Air Sealing For Bay Area Homes

Many Hayward, San Francisco, and other homeowners in the Bay Area are probably making a list right now of chores that need to be taken care of before winter sets in. Fall is when many people tend to tasks around the home, including sealing up all of those little cracks and spaces where air leaks are possible.

As trusted Bay Area HVAC professionals, we want to help make the job of making your home airtight as easy as possible. Even though you may have sealed up areas in years past, air leaks can develop in many areas, some of them unexpected. Outdoor air can come inside, and the conditioned air inside your home can escape to the outdoors in a multitude of ways, including areas where plumbing, cable, or other lines come through exterior walls.

Here are a few other areas to consider when air sealing your home for the upcoming winter season:

  • Window and door frames
  • Around recessed lighting
  • Chimney flue
  • Attic hatch and attic knee walls
  • Rim joists
  • Wall separating your living area from the garage

Extensive research has been performed by the Energy Star program into air sealing and the benefits homeowners enjoy. In fact, you can expect to save as much as 10% on energy costs by simply sealing up potential air leaks in your home!

You can tend to many of these leaks yourself, all it takes is a weekend and some spray foam, weather stripping, and caulk. Simply close all exterior doors and windows, open up the interior doors, and turn on the exhaust fans in your home. Using an incense stick, go from one room to the next with the stick lit, paying attention to areas where the smoke is disturbed. Any areas where smoke seems to move in a different direction or a draft exists, simply seal with the most suitable material (caulk, spray foam, weather stripping).

Of course if you would prefer, you can have our expert HVAC technicians come out and inspect your home for air leaks.

Have questions about home maintenance tasks or air sealing for Bay Area homes? Fall is the perfect time to tend to these tasks. At Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning, we invite Bay Area homeowners to contact us for answers to all of your home comfort and efficiency questions.