Factors That Affect Cost – Home Heating System Replacement

home heating system

As every Bay Area homeowner knows, heating and cooling a house accounts for a large portion of the household budget each month. If your home heating system is malfunctioning or breaks down, you face either an uncomfortable home, or increased heating costs. Naturally, replacing a furnace isn’t cheap, however you may be able to get assistance from the utility company, redeem a rebate with a new energy-efficient system, or take advantage of a payment plan with your contractor.

If it’s time to replace your heating system, what factors affect cost?

There are several factors that may impact how much you pay for a new heating system in San Francisco or surrounding areas including:

Equipment. High-efficiency models cost more initially, but save you money over the long-term. A lower efficiency model will cost less in the beginning, but result in higher heating costs. The price for gas and electric furnaces depend on the size furnace you need, brand, and how energy-efficient the system is.

Furnace size and removal. How many square feet your home has is one factor in determining the size furnace you need. Naturally, a smaller home requires a smaller heating system, while a larger space requires a bigger system. Additionally, in an existing home the contractor will have to remove the old furnace before installing a new one. These costs are typically included in with the cost of installation.

Installation fees. Installing a new heating system requires the expertise of a skilled contractor. Most contractors partner with trusted brands and sell the equipment they install, although you can purchase a furnace yourself. Be aware that if you do, the furnace may not be warranted by the contractor, who may not even choose to install it. Installation fees range from about $50 to $150 per hour or more, depending on the time it takes for installation, as large systems take longer than smaller systems.

Central heat & air systems. Expect to spend several thousand dollars if you intend to have a complete system installed that will heat and cool your Bay Area home. Many systems are designed according to a home’s needs, which involves labor. Ductwork and vents also add to the cost, which can be as much as a new furnace or even more when you add in labor (installation) fees.

It’s a good idea to check the reputation of the heating & air contractor you’re considering before hiring someone for the job. You also want to choose equipment that’s energy-efficient, as it will save you substantially over the long-term.

If it’s time to have your home heating system replaced, let Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning come out and give you an estimate. We offer exceptional products, quality workmanship, and a fair price. Call us today!