Energy Efficiency Tips for San Francisco Homeowners

energy efficiency tips

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about HVAC tips that can save you money on cooling and heating your home. This week, we’ve got a few more energy efficiency tips we believe San Francisco homeowners will find useful. The first week of October has already passed, and November will be here before you know it. With temperatures cooling down, how can you make your home more energy efficient?

First of all, lower the temperature on your furnace or heater, or shut it off. Lowering the temperature a degree or two will save energy, and reduce bills. Dress in heavier clothing to enjoy comfort, and switch the furnace off when you’re not at home unless it’s super cold outside. Setting your heating system at a high temperature doesn’t always mean you’ll be warmer, especially if your system needs to be cleaned or repaired – which brings us to . . .

Have your furnace serviced, repaired, or cleaned. A dirty system and/or damaged parts will reduce the efficiency of your heating system, perhaps even shutting it down. Blocked or clogged vents and dirty filters should be thoroughly cleaned, and damaged parts replaced. To prevent problems, have your furnace serviced regularly by a professional HVAC technician.

Do everything possible to keep warm air inside and prevent drafts. Adding insulation in areas that are inadequately insulated or not insulated at all will make a huge difference! Make sure walls, floors, the attic, roof, and windows are well insulated. Any drafts around windows or doors can be sealed with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent the escape of heated air, and infiltration of cold air. This will make it possible for you to turn the thermostat down and enjoy increased comfort while at the same time saving on energy costs.

Some of these things San Francisco homeowners can do themselves; others, such as replacing worn out or damaged furnace parts will require the expertise of a skilled heating contractor. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our team is dedicated to helping you enjoy optimal comfort, while saving on energy consumption and cost. Give us a call today!