Noticed Dust Coming From The Heating Vents In Your Home?

heating vents

Whether you live in San Mateo, Hayward, or other areas around San Francisco, you may have noticed excess dust coming from your heating vents. What could be the cause? There are a few things, actually. As one of the most reputable heating & cooling companies in the Bay Area, we have a few possibilities that may provide answers.

Have you recently had construction or renovations done in your own home, or has a nearby neighbor? Sometimes this accounts for excessive amounts of dust, or even insulation, coming through the air ducts.

Have you ever had your ductwork cleaned? Most people never give their ductwork a second thought, however leaks or holes can result in a large amount of dust, dirt, and other debris making its way into your home. Unfortunately, dust and airborne particles coming into your home can result in poor indoor air quality, something you definitely want to avoid if anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions!

To help the situation, you should consider cleaning the inside of vents and grills using your vacuum or a cleaning solution and rag on the grills. You would be amazed how much dirt and dust can accumulate right around the area where conditioned air is delivered to your home!

In addition, you may want to check out the ductwork for any holes or leaks that are present; even better, have a certified technician do this for you. Leaks and holes should be properly sealed and/or repaired; not only will it greatly reduce the dust, it will also result in lower utility bills because your system will function more efficiently.

If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, you may want to consider it. Most homeowners can’t even fathom the amount of dust and other nasty things that collect in ducts, including rodent droppings, mildew, or bacteria. If there are leaks or holes in your ductwork, having it professionally cleaned following repair is the best way to ensure cleaner, healthier air and less dust.

Another tip – change your filter regularly. This is a simple and usually cheap task that makes a big difference in reducing dust and ensuring cleaner air, not to mention improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.

At Ortiz Heating & A/C our Bay Area heating professionals are dedicated to not only home comfort and energy efficiency, but healthier indoor air as well. Contact us today!