San Joaquin County Duct Cleaning: Ducts Effects On HVAC Efficiency

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize the importance of duct cleaning in their homes. Air ducts play an important role in how your HVAC system performs. If ducts are dirty or leaking air, your system won’t operate as efficiently as it should – and the air in your home will be more polluted. Holes, cracks and seams that aren’t sealed properly let in dust, dirt and other particles. Since your duct system is responsible for delivering the air from your heating/cooling system to each room of your home, the dirt is coming right inside with it. This means not only a dustier home, but the potential to irritate those with respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies.

Here are a few tips to ensure your air ducts are in good shape, delivering cleaner, healthier air to your home and saving you energy dollars:

  • When ducts are located in vented crawl spaces, attics and other unconditioned areas, be sure they are properly sealed to prevent leaks. Leaks in the ducts in these areas can mean that unconditioned air is being drawn into your return ducts, or that your conditioned air is being lost into useless spaces.
  • You can check for air leaks yourself in many areas of your home. Look for holes, cracks or sections that have separated that should be connected.
  • To seal holes or seams in your ducts yourself, always use a tape bearing the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) logo, such as mastic or foil tapes. Do not use duct tape or other varieties that are cloth-backed, as they won’t hold up.
  • Prevent condensation on cooling ducts by having your HVAC technician install insulation that is protected by a sealed vapor barrier on these ducts.
  • If you are installing ducts or making changes to your home, such as a room addition, always have a qualified professional perform any necessary repairs or changes to ensure your ductwork is properly installed and sealed.
  • Ask your technician about duct cleaning, and have your ductwork inspected regularly so that it can be cleaned when necessary – not after a substantial amount of dust, dirt and other debris has built up.

Because you don’t see it, most people tend to forget about ductwork. However, it is one of the most essential components of your heating and cooling system, delivering conditioned air into your home for your family’s comfort. Poorly sealed ducts, those that are not insulated and leaks, cracks and holes all lead to substantially higher energy costs, and reduced comfort inside your home.

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