Duct Cleaning in the Bay Area. Is it for you?


The team at Ortiz Heating and Air Conditioning would like to take some of the smoke and mirrors out of duct cleaning in your home.

Many homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area have legitimate concern regarding the quality of  the air they breath indoors.  Why wouldn’t you be concerned?  It seems logical to want to have the cleanest air possible inside your home.  


The ultimate decision comes from you. Lets start with some common sense concepts.

1. Take a screw driver and open up the air register, then look inside.  If you see large deposits of dust or other foreign contaminants then perhaps it is time to move on to step two.

2. If you are looking directly at the removed air filter, what do you see?  If there are thick layers of dust or dirt move on to step three.

3. Looking directly at the inside of your ducts, can you see sludge, dirt, dust, etc. on the walls? If it seems painfully obvious that this does not look healthy perhaps it is time to schedule a call with us.

WAIT!  We are not trying to convince you that dust on vents and dirt in air filters necessarily means you need to spend money on professional duct cleaning. What we are saying is use common sense.

Here are some more pros and cons.

The Pros: wake up less congested, your house smells much better, less dust mites, clean your home once and it stays clean for several days not just several hours, have less allergies, reduce mold and mildew count, reduce electric bills, get more heat when the heat is on and more air conditioning when the air conditioning is on.  Basically this should be all common knowledge. Your HVAC system can be knocked down to 60% capacity if not cleaned regularly. There are many variables we must consider but these are all 100% factual statements based on hundreds of people surveyed.

The Cons: unqualified companies can seriously damage your HVAC system, duct cleaning scams, dust and dirt can be introduced back into the home.  Please be careful and hire a professional team!

There is no question that clean ducts in your HVAC system can lead to cleaner air, better health, better performing equipment and lower gas and electric bills. It is completely up to you as an educated homeowner in the Bay Area…is Duct Cleaning right for you? Ortiz Heating and AC would love to earn your business… and remember… we have some of the best technically trained people in the industry on our team!

Clean Air Matters!