Does Your Duct System Measure Up To Your Home’s Heating Demands?

As experts in Hayward duct cleaning, we know that duct systems are not always properly designed; this can lead to insufficient airflow into your home, meaning decreased comfort, higher utility bills and more work for your HVAC system. Does your duct system measure up in terms of your home’s heating demands?

If your ducts are leaking, it can decrease the amount of warmed air coming into your home. For instance, a 30% return duct leak on a day that is particularly cold can decrease heating capacity by as much as 50% or more!

Many homeowners don’t fully realize the importance of a well designed duct system, ensuring that ducts are not leaking, and regular cleaning. Dirty ducts decrease efficiency, and push dust and debris into your home. Essentially, ducts control how much air comes into each room in your home; the proper amount of air keeps those rooms comfortable, and temperatures where you want them. When your ducts are the wrong size or improperly installed, your HVAC system cannot perform efficiently and keep your home comfortable. This means higher energy costs as your system will run longer in an attempt to keep your home at the temperature you desire.

How can you know if your duct system is working efficiently? Your Hayward HVAC contractor can take measurements including pressure and temperatures to determine how much air is coming into each room. If your ducts are not performing efficiently, it may be necessary to straighten bent ducts, remove those that are damaged, seal joints and/or leaks, etc. When ducts are leaking, conditioned air may flow outside your home instead of inside!

Today’s high-efficiency HVAC systems can keep your home at its most comfortable while keeping energy costs down. However, your system is only as good as the duct work! Whether you suspect dirty ducts, leaks or that the duct systems isn’t properly designed for your heating/cooling system, contact an experienced Hayward HVAC contractor who can help determine whether there is a problem, and the best solution.

At Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to helping homeowners enjoy comfortable indoor air while keeping energy costs as low as possible. Give us a call today with any questions you may have about your duct work.