Hiring A Diamond Certified HVAC Contractor For Your Home Comfort

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Whether you live in San Jose, San Mateo, Hayward, or anywhere in the Bay Area, it’s important to ensure the contractor you hire for your heating and cooling needs is licensed and reputable. When your HVAC system needs servicing, or even to be replaced, you’ll find there are lots of companies who are willing to do the work. Unfortunately, some are in it for the money alone, which could result in not only an unsatisfactory job, but potential danger to your home and family. Why is it important to consider those companies who are Diamond Certified?

No matter whether you’re facing a plumbing, electrical, or heating and air issue, it’s vital to be sure the company you choose employs licensed technicians, who are experienced and focus on quality and customer satisfaction. This is especially true when having a new HVAC system repaired or replaced, as someone who isn’t highly trained may take “shortcuts” in order to get the job done quickly. This puts your home and family at risk. For instance, if your heating/cooling system shuts down completely, someone who lacks experience may be unable to diagnose the problem. A clogged flue, overheating – there are several issues than can cause your system’s automatic shutoff to trigger, but only a licensed and experienced professional can quickly diagnose the problem.

What you don’t want is a temporary “fix” or a technician who takes shortcuts to resolve a problem temporarily, or in a way that may leave your home or family susceptible to carbon monoxide emission, fire, or other dangers. Why spend your hard-earned money on a quick fix that may last for a few weeks or months, when a Diamond Certified HVAC professional will focus on the real problem at hand and provide a long-term, safe solution?

Ortiz Heating & A/C is a Bay Area Diamond Certified heating and cooling company with the reputation, experience, and dedicated technicians you want when it comes to your home. Your home is your biggest investment; never settle for a HVAC contractor with little experience and makes promises of a cheap fix – in the long run it will likely cost you more.