Curious if Your HVAC System is the Right Size for Your Home?

hvac system

Many homeowners in San Mateo are oblivious to the fact that the size of HVAC system they have in their homes can affect monthly energy costs, and home comfort. It is critical to have an air conditioning/heating system that is properly sized for your home, for a number of reasons. If you are looking for a new HVAC system or suspect your current heating/cooling equipment isn’t the right size, we have a few tips/suggestions that will help you determine whether you may need to consult a San Mateo HVAC professional.

If your system is not properly sized, the consequences will cost you!

HVAC systems that are too small for your home will run constantly in summer months, and even then not cool your Bay Area home sufficiently. This means an uncomfortable home, and enormous energy bills. Conversely, a heating/cooling system that’s too large for your home will supply too much cool air to your spaces in a short time span, and shut off too quickly, resulting in rooms that become overly warm before the system kicks on again. Either way, your energy costs increase.

Research before you make a final decision

Unfortunately, many homeowners could care less whether their HVAC systems are properly sized for their home’s needs. Because of this, they needlessly pay more than is necessary in energy costs, and suffer the consequences in terms of comfort. If you’re a homeowner who wants to learn as much as you can about various heating/cooling systems and how to choose the right size equipment for your home, it’s easily done by researching the various types and sizes of systems online, or simply discussing the situation with your HVAC contractor. At Ortiz Heating & A/C, our trained and knowledgeable technicians can help you choose a system that is perfectly sized for your home, resulting in greater comfort for your family year round, and reduced energy costs.

We understand that most homeowners in the Bay Area want to enjoy a comfortable home whether it’s summer or winter, but have budget restrictions. By contacting Ortiz Heating & Air Conditioning today, we can work with you to determine what size equipment you need, the type of system, and more, so that you can rest assured that the equipment installed in your home is of the utmost in quality, reliability, and within your budget. Give us a call today for the best comfort solutions in San Francisco and surrounding areas!