Contra Costa HVAC – Should I Get A Whole House Humidifier?

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Fall is just around the corner, which means temperatures will be getting cooler, and the air drier. If you are a Bay Area homeowner who has used a portable humidifier in the winter season, you know how it can warm the air and keep your skin from feeling dry and cracked. What other benefits do humidifiers provide, and should you consider a whole house model?

A whole house humidifier helps to:

Preserve furnishing, flooring, and other items. Dry air is damaging, even to your artwork, wood floors, and furniture.

Improve the overall comfort in your Contra Costa home. We’re not talking about whether your home feels warm or cold; we’re talking about your physical comfort in terms of a dry nose, cracked, itchy skin, and sore throat. Air that is too dry irritates your nasal passages, and can make the symptoms of asthma or allergies worse. A humidifier adds humidity or moisture to the air.

Make you feel warmer in winter months, even when the temperature in your home is lower than usual. By installing a whole house humidifier, you can even turn the temperature down a degree or two on your thermostat and still feel warmer. Moist air feels warmer to the skin than dry air, and you save money on heating costs due to the fact that your furnace will operate more efficiently.

Keep the doctor away. Low humidity is the ideal environment for many viruses, so adding a bit of moisture to the air will help you avoid getting sick. Adding a bit of humidity to the air is a good idea for those prone to colds or infections.

Whether you are considering a whole house humidifier for your Bay Area home, or need your HVAC system inspected before the cool weather season settles in, give Ortiz Heating & A/C, your local Contra Costa HVAC experts, a call today! We’re all about improved health, lower utility bills, and home comfort.