Contra Costa HVAC Pros Talk Air Conditioner Options

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If you’re a Contra Costa homeowner contemplating transforming your garage into a living space for your family, it’s important to understand your options regarding cooling/heating the space. Maybe you’re a handyman yourself, or hiring someone to do the work for you. Regardless, it’s important to weigh the various air conditioning options available today.

Whether you’re converting your garage into a game room, extra bedroom, family room, or even a ‘man cave,’ you want it to be comfortable and energy efficient. Here are the various options you may want to consider:

  • If your home and garage are connected and you have an existing air duct, you may want to connect that duct to cool/heat the new space. While this is obviously not a job anyone can do, our Contra Costa HVAC professionals are equipped to handle the project.
  • Could a window air conditioner be the best option? If you cannot connect an existing duct and the garage is fairly small, this may be the best option for your situation. While not the most energy efficient choice, window air conditioners can make a room more comfortable, although they’re not the top choice for even air distribution or energy efficiency. In addition, you will have a large hole in the wall (or an open window where the unit is installed) that could look like an easy entrance for a thief, although there are measures that can be taken to make entrance more difficult.
  • A mini-split system may be ideal for your situation. Mini-split systems have their own condensers and are ductless, making it possible to cool/heat your garage year-round using a unit mounted directly to the wall, near the ceiling. The condenser is placed outside the garage, and offer energy efficient cooling/heating.

Whether you’re just thinking about converting your garage to a living space or have already begun the project, Ortiz Heating & A/C caters to Contra Costa homeowners, delivering quality solutions that are energy efficient without sacrificing your family’s comfort. Give us a call today!